Parramatta City Tennis

Wednesday Ladies' Midweek Competition

If you enjoy a regular game of tennis with the added incentive of (friendly) competition, why not join a team and participate in the Wednesday Ladies Midweek competition?

Play commences at 9.30 am and continues until the completion of the 8th set with time allowed for a short luncheon. Because it is a friendly and more relaxed atmosphere many players feel comfortable bringing their young children along to the Courts, knowing they will be well looked after by the rest of the team during the time their mothers are on the court.

Teams are comprised of 4 players who each play 4 sets with the same partner. Each pair of ladies plays both pairs of ladies in the opposing team twice and the winner is decided on games won. A match consists of 8 sets of ladies' doubles, each set being the first to 6 games with a tie breaker to be played at 5 games all.

Come along and enjoy this wonderful sport -- a great way to keep fit and meet some new friends as well.

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